Walk & Orientation tour

The hilly landscape surrounding Valkenburg offers a stunning backdrop to a diverse orientation tour. Throughout the walk, you will be trying to find your way through the Gerendal. The only materials you have for this are a map, compass and various measuring instruments. By working together you will find the route through this magnificent hilly countryside, making it not only a fun team activity, but also a nice way to discover the great outdoors. The perfect activity to be outside and have fun with friends or colleagues. It's not a survival trip, but some muddy paths here and there are part of the game! So make sure to wear good walking shoes.

  • 2 uur Including instruction
  • Including necessary materials and ASP guide.
12,40 € excl. BTW Per person
15,00 €
incl. BTW Per person

"There we are. My colleague is holding a triangle ruler and a map and I closely study my compass. Before us lies the vast nature reserve Gerendal. Our group is eager to get going. Let’s go! We begin to walk through the beautiful green surroundings. We cross the river the Geul and deliberate as a group which way we should go. The guide reveals nothing, he only grins while listening to our chitchat. During the trip we enjoy the nature of South Limburg. Hamlets, castles, streams, meadows and Scottish Galloway cattle ... Oh here comes another junction, let’s take a look at the map!"