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A team program for groups that are looking for a true challenge, that want to broaden their horizons, put their brains to the test or let their creativity run free: everything is possible. The team is divided into 2 groups. Both groups are divided into a Height and a Base team. In this way, everyone can contribute tot his team effort with a task that suits him/her!The Height team will be tackling the height trail. When the Height team has arrived at the right place, the Base team will come into action. The Base team consists of a Catch team, a Puzzle team and a Creative team. The Catch team will have to communicate extremely well with the Height team in order to bring the mission to a successful ending. When the Catch and Height team perform their task well, puzzle assignments and creative, artistic missions will be unlocked. The better the teams collaborate and use their mental, creative and communicative abilities, the more points will be scored!Cooperation and communication are essential in this versatile team program. The division of the roles within the group will be created automatically, allowing the natural leaders in the group to be distinguished easily and show the strengths of the individual participants quickly. The program focusses on strengthening the links between the team member, getting to know each other better, improving communication and to boost the team spirit!

  • 2 uur Including instruction
  • Inclusief alle materiaal en ASP begeleiding.
33,94 € excl. BTW Per person
37,00 €
incl. BTW Per person

"Bravely I decide to join the height team. With sweaty palms and a few raw eggs in my pocket, I climb the rope ladder to the height track, 7 meters above the ground. My teammates and myself balance and climb over steel cables, ropes and beams with wobbly legs kinds. Below us, my colleagues in the base team are waiting for their cue to take action. In order to score points and to unlock assignments, the base team needs to catch my raw eggs, without breaking them. Hmm, that will requires really good communication! But we succeed. The base team gets to work. Increasingly more puzzle assignments and creative challenges get resolved. Together, both teams are progressing in the game. We are doing great!"