Survival tour

Our survival trip is the ultimate combination of our cave and outdoor programs. An adventurous and challenging trip under and through the beautiful, hilly countryside. A five and a half hour team program, with multifaceted challenges in diverse environments. Encourage each other to push your limits, learn to trust each other, strengthen the ties between you and work together in order to succeed in the program as a team.Cave tour              You descend into the Sibbergroeve, the largest underground passages in Europe. The quarry consists of 3,000 corridors, with a total length of 70 km. You have the task to find the exit on the other side of the underground maze. Along the way you must complete a number of tasks in order to continue the journey. Can you find the exit as a team?Mountain bike tour            You are off to the next location by mountain bike. You cycle through the hilly landscape surrounding Valkenburg, through fields and forests. Depending on the group, the recreational or sporty route will be taken.High Challenge                    You will climb an indoor trail at a height of 7 meters. Here your group will be tested on cooperation and persuasion. With a lot of courage and teamwork, you will need to overcome you various challenges at dizzying heights, including a rope bridge, swinging loops and a free abseil.Walk & Orientation tourArmed with a map, compass and a triangle ruler, you will start the next part of the challenge.. During this walk you will have to find the set route through the beautiful hillside. A calm and fun way to end your day.

  • 5,5 uur Including instruction
  • Including necessary materials and ASP guide.
43,39 € excl. BTW Per person
52,50 €
incl. BTW Per person

"We stand in front of a small limestone cottage which turns out to be the first stage of our survival trip. After we descended into the dark depths, we are told that we must find our way to the exit on the other side of this immense underground labyrinth. The marl corridors are dark and all look alike. Still, we manage to endure the assignments that lead us to the daylight that we have been longing for to as a team. We then jump on our bikes and continue our journey above ground, to an old farmstead. When we walk into the hall we see an obstacle course high above our heads. We’re going up there? Yes! We climb up and balance on the trail with wobbly legs. After this challenge, we move on to the final part of the survival trip, a trek through the Gerendal. The catch: we must find the route ourselves. Armed with a compass and a triangle ruler we start our journey!"