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Should you wish to visit us with less then 10 persons? We offer the following programs. You may participate in these programs during weekends and holidays. Should you decide to book one of these programs, you will join other participants in the activity. For more information please consult the programs listed below.

Cave climbing tour for individuals and small groups

Cave climbing

One by one we hoist ourselves in our climbing harnesses and put our helmets on. We follow our guide into the carved out limestone corridors of the Velvet Cave. They are magical, like nothing I've ever seen! Then the fun begins. Click, move, click,...

Cave climbing tour for individuals and small groups

Cavebiking - individuals and small groups

Cavebiking for individuals and small groups

"We firmly fasten our helmets and check our lights for the last time. One after another we follow our guide on our bikes into the dark corridors. We enjoy a last moment of light at the pickup location, but right after the first corner we are...

Cavebiking - individuals and small groups


Cave bike special

Cycling behind each other, we follow our guide through a maze of marl corridors. Only the glow of our bicycle lights reveals the details of our mysterious surroundings. Suddenly a dim light seems to appear. An old gate opens with a cracking sound. A...


Should you not find a date suitable for you, please feel free to contact us by phone for other options which might be available. Give us a call at +31(0)43 60 406 75.

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