High challenge

High Challenge is a varied and challenging program for groups that are looking for an activity with the emphasis on trust, pushing your limits and strengthening mutual ties. A trail of 7 meters high, laid out with various tasks, must be overcome. Rope bridges, swinging loops, moving beams and nets... Every obstacle is the key to a new achievement. By encouraging and stimulation each other to overcome the altitude trail, your team spirit will get a real boost!

  • 1,5 uur Including instruction
  • Including necessary materials and ASP guide.
25,23 € excl. BTW Per person
27,50 €
incl. BTW Per person

"In good spirits I climb the rope ladder to the 7-meter height trail. It seems higher than I thought! My peers and myself balance and climb over beams and ropes with wobbly legs. I reach an uneven bridge with planks of different sizes and at different distances from each other. It wobbles, it fluctuates, but hey: I will probably succeed! But then ... I'm blindfolded! I rely on the instructions of the people around me, doubtfully making the first step. The adrenaline is pumping through my veins, this is crazy. Step by step I continue until I hear my teammates clap enthusiastically. I made it!"