General terms and conditions ASP Adventure

1. Group-size and age-restrictions

The minimum size for a group reservation is 10 persons. If you want to make a private group booking with less than 10 persons (e.g. in order to make sure no other participants are added to the group), you will have to pay for 10 persons.

2. Age and height restrictions

For the adventure and cultural cave tours and hike- and orientation tour, the minimum age is  6 years.

For the cave biking tour, special cave biking tour, survival tour, mountain bike tour and moped tour, a minimum height of 1.40 meters (55 inches) is required.

For the scooter tour, a valid driving license or moped license is obligatory for the participants driving the scooters.

Registration at our location: At least one adult (at least 18 years old) must be present upon arrival at our location at all times in order to sign up and register the group. Regardless of that person’s own participation, the adult who has registered the group has the legal responsibility for the group.

3. Prohibited

Use of alcohol before and during the program is strictly prohibited. ASP Adventure takes no responsibility if participants have consumed alcohol prior to the program. ASP Adventure has the right to refuse participation in the program to participants who are found to have used alcohol beforehand. In this case, refused participants are not entitled to a refund of any monies paid.

It is prohibited to smoke in the caves.

4. Reservation

After signing our offer and sending it to us, the agreement is binding.

5. Alterations made by the customer

It is possible to request a change in the number of participant until 8 days before the date of the program, before 17:00h (GMT+1). When the number of people not taking part in the activity exceeds 20% less than the original number, a cancellation fee will be charged. Please check 6.1.

6. Cancellation by the customer

The customer may only cancel the contract by registered letter to ASP Adventure B.V. The date on which ASP Adventure receives the cancellation letter will be considered the cancellation date.

6.1 Cancellation fee

In the event of cancellation by the customer the following costs will be charged (counted in Calendar Days):

a. until 56 days before the date of the program:   10% of the total costs

b. from 56 until 28 days before the date of the program:    25% of the total costs

c .from 28 days until 8 days before the date of the program:       50% of the total costs

d. from 8 days until the date of the program:       100% of the total costs

This also applies if the participants are not present at the start of the program, without canceling (‘no-show’).

If you want to avoid any risks, we highly recommend a cancellation insurance, an accident insurance and/or travel insurance with your bank or the Recron.

7. Safety and responsibility.

ASP Adventure guarantees the safety of the materials and fuses during the program. It goes without saying that it is obligatory to follow all instructions from our staff. If the instructions are not followed and/or insufficiently met, ASP Adventure can not accept any responsibility.

Although all our programs are recreational, they do have a sporty character. ASP Adventure will not be liable in the event of any injury. Participation will always be at your own risk. When making reservations for a cave program, bare in mind that the corridors in the cave have an average height of 1.70 meters (66.9 inches). Depending on your height, it might be possible that you have to bend over more and could easily bump your head. Participants with back and neck problems should take this information into consideration before participation. We strongly recommend you to inform us about any health problems in advance, so that our staff can keep them in mind.

8. Reservation of time blocks

If participant(s) arrive too late for the start of the reserved program (for the correct starting time, please see our confirmation), ASP Adventure cannot guarantee that the reserved program will be fully executed. Because of the planning of other groups and/or materials and/or guidance it is not possible to be flexible regarding the agreed time schedule. Usually, this means that your program will be shortened without a refund of the agreed price.

9. ASP Adventure and VeBON membership

ASP Adventure is a member of the VeBON (the Association of Outdoor Enterprises in the Netherlands, for quality outdoor companies). Because of this the terms and conditions of “VEBON”are always applicable. (VeBON terms and conditions are available on request).