Cultural Cave tour

  • Grotten Valkenburg
  • Grottentoch Valkenburg
  • Cultuur grotten Valkenburg blokbrekers

Join us on an interesting walk through the corridors of the Sibbergroeve, the largest underground passages in Europe. Your guide will lead you to the most beautiful places in the cave, including a museum with historical artefacts. The guide will tell you all about the history of the Sibbergroeve, the marl block breakers, the legendary ‘bokkenrijders’ and the history of the Limburg caves. Learn more about this mysterious environment, which you cannot find anywhere else any more.

  • 1,5 uur Including instruction
  • Including necessary materials and ASP guide.
15,60 € excl. BTW Per person
17,00 €
incl. BTW Per person

"We descend a long spiral staircase that seems to have no end. The changing colours give us the feeling that we've almost reached our destination. Yet, a marl staircase stretches out before us after opening a heavy creaking door. Then we have arrived in the immense marl passages of the Sibbergroeve, 40 meters below the surface. We follow our guide into the mysterious marl corridors. Turn left, then right again ... We wonder how our guide knows the way here! In the glow of the torches we see the details of our mysterious surroundings. Kilometres of hallways, corridors and more corridors. Sometimes narrow, sometimes wide. Our guide tells us how the marl quarry arose. Years, no centuries, of hard work. This is so special!"