Cavebiking - individuals and small groups

Minimum length of participants is 1.40 metres.

  • Cavebiking for individuals and small groups

A bicycle tour of 8 to 10 km leads you through the vast corridors of the mysterious Sibbergroeve, the largest underground passages in Europe. Follow the experienced guide deeper and deeper into the mysterious soft yellow marl quarries during this active exploration tour. You will be riding a special cave bike, a mountain bike without a chain, adapted for use in the caves. The speed of the cave biking is adjusted to the slowest cyclist in the group. Please note that you must descend and climb a long spiral staircase in order to participate in the program.

  • 1,5 uur Including instruction
  • Book a combination program to save € 6.50 per person
  • All materials and guide
28,50 €
Per person incl. BTW

"We firmly fasten our helmets and check our lights for the last time. One after another we follow our guide on our bikes into the dark corridors. We enjoy a last moment of light at the pickup location, but right after the first corner we are surrounded by darkness. Mountain biking through the marl caves of Limburg; who would come up with something like that? Nevertheless, it is extremely cool. All we can hear is the hum of our cardan bikes, exactly, bikes without chains. Slowly my eyes get accustomed to the dark. There’s actually a lot to see in the light of our bicycle lamps. We cycle past stacked limestone blocks, wall drawings, large open spaces and sometimes the ceiling gets so low that we suddenly have too... WATCH OUT!"