Cave Climbing tour

  • Historische tekeningen in de grot
  • Veiligheid staat voorop
  • Gangen van de kasteelruine van Valkenburg
  • kasteel ruine Valkenburg
  • Samen grenzen verleggen

The passageways of the Castle Ruins of Valkenburg form the backdrop for an exciting and challenging journey. During this quest you are challenged to overcome some obstacles. By stairs, ladders and underground via ferrata, you will go through a series of exciting challenges in this unique maze of corridors. A highlight of this tour is the 30-meter abseil from the fairy-tale castle ruins into the ancient well of the castle. A unique experience in the caves of Limburg!

  • 1,5 uur Including instruction
  • Including necessary materials and ASP guide.
26,15 € excl. BTW Per person
28,50 €
incl. BTW Per person

"One by one we hoist ourselves in our climbing harnesses and put our helmets on. We follow our guide into the carved out limestone corridors of the Velvet Cave. They are magical, like nothing I've ever seen! Then the fun begins. Click, move, click, step, jump and continue. We secure ourselves with steel wires, climb over wobbly rope bridges, descend via narrow stairs and climb up through steep hills until we arrive at the ruins of the once mighty castle, which proudly towers over Valkenburg. On to the next challenge: abseiling in the well. With pounding heart, I throw a glance into the depths. Nope, can’t see the bottom. Still, I let myself slide over the ledge ... Moments later my feet hit the safe ground of the well. I did it! "

Let op: de minimale lengte voor deelnemers bedraagt 1,30 meter