• 1) What clothes should I wear?

    In the caves, our guides wear comfortable clothing and sturdy footwear. A t-shirt with a fleece vest is warm enough. There is a constant temperature of about 12 degrees Celsius in the marl quarries.For our outdoor programs, we recommend comfortable sports clothes which suit the weather.

  • 2) Are the programs accessible to everyone?

    Yes, the programs are doable for anyone with a normal physical condition. The activities are active, but not necessarily sporty. The tempo is adjusted to the slowest person in the group.Please note: Bare in mind that in order to access the Sibbergroeve, you must descend a long spiral staircase and climb is back up after participating in the cave programs.

  • 3) What is the minimum age for participation in your programs?

    For our cave tours there is a set minimum age of 6 years. Furthermore, participants must have a minimum height of 1.40m. for the cave biking and cave climbing tours. People under 1.40m. can not cycle safely on our cave bikes or use of our materials in a safe way. 

  • 4) Will I get dirty and/or wet in the caves?

    No, the caves are dry and clean. Some of the marl may end up on clothing, but you can easily wipe off the marl dust.

  • 5) Are the caves low or narrow?

    Generally, one can stand in the caves and walk normally. In some places however, the caves are narrower and lower, where one must bend down in order to pass.

  • 6) Can I change clothes after the cave program?

    We have no changing facilities on our cave locations, only toilets.

  • 7) Kan ik bij de locaties pinnen of gebruik maken van een creditcard?

    No, it is not possible to pay by credit card or pin on our locations. Through our online booking system, groups smaller than 10 people can make reservations through the Internet and pay directly. Groups larger than 10 people will receive an invoice by mail when they make their reservation.

  • 8) Is it possible to make booking for large groups?

    Yes, we have the capacity to welcome 1,500 visitors on a daily basis.

  • 9) Is it allowed to take pictures in the caves?

    Yes, it is allowed to photograph or film on our locations.

  • 10) Are the bikes equipped with click-on cycling pedals?

    No, all our bikes are equipped with standard bike pedals. It is not possible to use specialized cycling shoes with a click-on system. Regular, firm footwear is advised.

  • 11) Is it possible to assemble a child’s seat on the back of the bike?

    No, that's not possible. It is not allowed to mount a child seat on the back of a bike, partly because the bike is not suited and also because it is unsafe.

  • 12) Can I use my own bike or bike gear (helmet, light)?

    No, because we want to guarantee your safety as much as possible, we do not allow participants  to use their own cycling equipment in the cave.

  • 13) Are the locations accessible by public transport (OV)?

    Yes. At the trainstation in Valkenburg, you can take Bus 191 (direction Margraten) and 53 (direction Maastricht) to get to the cave bike location. For specific information and present time schedules for public transport to our other locations, we recommend you visit the public transport info website: www.9292ov.nl. You can find the different location addresses [here]. 

  • 14) We are travelling to ASP by coach, where can we park?

    There are two bus lanes in front of the entrance of the cave biking location, these only offer the possibility to drop off and pick up visitors. The same goes for the Velvet Cave location. We advice coaches to park on the coach parking lot at Holland Casino. At ‘Hoeve Schaloen’ we do have private parking for buses. For further parking information see [parking].

  • 15) Is it possible for pregnant women of people with claustrophobia of fear of heights participate in the ASP programs?

    This differs per person, we advice you to contact our sales team so that we can provide you with personal advice for the program you wish to participate in.