Adventurous Cave tour

  • Puzzelen in de grotten
  • Avontuur in de mergelgrotten bij Valkenburg
  • Samenwerking en team staan centraal

Take your team on this exciting and fun maze-like journey through the Sibbergroeve, 40 meters below ground. Together, you go looking for new tasks and obstacles in the mysterious corridors. During the cave adventure, you will be challenged both mentally and physically with an underground boat crossing, orientation assignments and other unexpected problems, riddles and puzzles. To successfully fulfil the assignments, the group must be smart and agile, but above all work together well in order to reach the exit. A special team experience which contains the aspects of fun, trust, strengthening mutual ties and getting to know each other better.

  • 1,5 uur Including instruction
  • Diverse catering opties
  • Including necessary materials and ASP guide.
26,15 € excl. BTW Per person
28,50 €
incl. BTW Per person

An underground maze journey, is sounds promising! We follow the guide into the dark maze of marl corridors. In the beam of our lights our mysterious surroundings are revealed, if only a little. Sometimes we pass through narrow, low passages where bending over is inevitable and then we walk through wide marl corridors with high ceilings. Totally disoriented, we arrive at the first gate. We read our assignment and start to find the solution together. Time and time again we encounter a new puzzle which prevents us to go farther, but our team always manages to get the key to our escape: YES! Proud of our performance, we return above ground. A high-five is in place!