About ASP Adventure

ASP Adventure organises active and mysterious trips and activities in the unique surroundings of South Limburg, between and among the hills of the historic town of Valkenburg. We take you on unique discovery tours in the largest underground marl quarries of Europe or provide you with active outdoor activities in the hilly countryside surrounding the town.

ASP wants to create conditions for the growing group of consciously living people in which the visitor can experience maximum pleasure and satisfaction in a safe, sporty, active, educational and customer friendly way, by providing the right environment, using the right materials or creating the right atmosphere. In addition, we want to make the visitor aware of the unique and authentic environment that they are visiting.

Discover the Unknown

ASP also wants to make visitors aware of their personal skills and qualities: physically, socially and mentally. They will experience their skills and qualities individually or in groups during our programs, possibly leading to a new conviction (transformation) towards themselves, others and nature.

Quality, exclusivity and innovation on both the product and service level should contribute to an optimal guest experience. By doing so, ASP Adventure wants to play a leading role in the recreational sector. ASP Adventure hopes to inspire many people to become enthusiastic about both the unique natural setting of Limburg as the ASP programs. This changes ASP Adventure from a company with an outdoor purpose, to a company with outdoor as a means to discovering unknown settings.


ASP and its surroundings

The ASP Adventure guides treat the surrounding nature with utmost care during the tours. We are, after all, guests. The trips are organised in consultation with the municipality of Valkenburg, so that residents remain free from disturbances. ASP Adventure B.V. has guaranteed itself with regard to caring for the environment, nature and local residents. Our goal is to maintain the environments in which we operate by creating awareness for the future through our business activities.