• Special group programs

    Special group programs

    Experience an unforgettable and unique experience with your association, colleagues or friends. We offer team programs for groups that like a challenge, that seek to broaden their horizons, that want to put their brains to the test or that want to get creative. Reinforcing team activities at unique locations!

  • Team activities & group packages

    Team activities & group packages

    Our group programs are ideal for corporate team-building activities and training. We can also help you to put together complete packages in cooperation with our partners. We also provide custom programs that are specially adapted to the specific needs of your company. 

  • Activities in South Limburg

    Active in South Limburg

    There is also plenty to do above ground. The hills of Limburg offer original experiences for groups of all sizes with their beautiful nature and rich historical past. Accompanied by an expert guide, you will discover the area of Valkenburg by bike, step, scooter or on foot.

  • Mysterious underground caves

    Mysterious marl caves

    Join us on unique discovery tours in the largest underground marl quarries in Europe, on foot or on a special cave bike. You will discover a whole new world, 40 meters below ground. A true experience in a dark maze of mysterious corridors, unexpected bends and surprising descents.

Experience, explore, be active.

ASP Adventure organises active and mysterious (team) activities in a unique setting, between and among the hills of Valkenburg. In the hilly countryside of South Limburg, the nature and history are the perfect backdrop for special, fun and educational outings. ASP Adventure organizes its operations in three beautiful locations: the special Sibbergroeve, the mysterious Velvet Cave and Castle Ruin and the authentic homestead Schaloen.

ASP Adventure

Underground experiences ASP Adventure organizes active and challenging (group) activities in the largest underground passages of Europe: the Sibbergroeve. Descend into the dark depths, walk towards the flickering candlelight and experience the extraordinary stories that are hidden in the marl quarry. Follow the guide ever deeper into the mysterious, soft-yellow marl corridors by cave bike or go on an adventurous cave tour and explore this unknown world by foot, 40 meters below ground. The passageways of the Castle Ruins of Valkenburg set the stage for an exciting, challenging journey of discovery. Climb from the maze of marl corridors to the ancient hilltop castle overlooking Valkenburg, and then descend again into the deep by rappelling into an ancient well.

Outdoor activities There is also plenty to discover above ground. The hills of Limburg, with its beautiful nature and rich historical past, are the perfect backdrop for original activities for groups and teams of all sizes. On foot, by bike, step or scooter: we offer several wonderful ways to enjoy the surroundings, both fun and active! Teams can test their collaboration and communication skills on groundbreaking height in the old Homestead Schaloen. The altitude trail is the setting for various exclusive and exciting teambuilding activities.

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